Issue 70

Sorcerer Chapter 13 open enrollment begins this week

Wellboro, Muirland

Regent Stormstein welcomed the new students that lined up at the enrollment tables earlier this week, ushering in the 240th year of open enrollment to the public.

Hopeful students paid their 120 gold piece enrolment fee in order to join the school best known for producing the highest ranks of military spell casters. Chapter 13’s rival, Overpower House starts courses in two weeks following the handpicked selection of its enrollees by the Grand Umpire Pi.

This year marks the lowest turnout in the school’s history due to Muirland’s sagging trade with its neighbors. Regent Stormstein has been quoted as saying, “While enrollment is down, the teaching faculty feels the extra attention students will receive will be a boon. And I agree.”

Chapter 13 has produced such renowned military Battle Mages as Aziza Jaheira, who defeated four orc Warsmith brigades at the battle of Conquest Isle, and Grurak Storunni who held the gates of Camp Desolate against the hordes of Firewalker goblins for two hours until Syrliss’ army arrived.

Lizardfolk raid A’stere trade routes

A’stere, Syrliss

Two are dead and three left injured after trade caravans traveling northwest along the Brambles Path road to Sapphire Port were attacked by Lizardfolk two week ago. The lizardfolk were reported to have been using lightning and fire magic produced from spears mounted with wyrmling skulls.

Four men were taken as slaves along with twenty flasks of concentrated moonshroom oil, two barrels of black peppers, a unicorn skeleton and a small stone shrine to Wee Jas were carried off by the lizardfolk in the raid.

This is the second raid made by lizardfolk in recent months. The last incident occurred near Camp Desolate’s paladin training grounds during off season exercises when the fledgling holy warriors were without true weapons.

A relative of one of the kidnapped traders has requested assistance from The Wolf Pack, a trio of brothers better known for going after and disrupting large criminal groups like the raiding lizardfolk. No word yet if the brothers will come out of hiding to answer the call.

A reward for the return of the kidnapped men is being offered by the OPH, who the traders were commissioned by and the goods were designated for.

Help Wanted

Wizard’s assistant needed for regent collection and preparation.

*At least two years schooling in evocation or conjuration.
*Recommendation letter provided by OPH, SC13 or PoMT

*Knowledge of the flora and fauna of the area surrounding Serenity Rim.
*Willing to work long hours in uncomfortable conditions.

Contact Pelalyon Tallawin of 2100B Southbend Road, Serenity Rim, Muirland

Expert Bone Etcher Needed

Task details include the etching of symbols and ciphers on large bones. Each symbol is over two feet in diameter and stylized in copper and gold.

Estimated time of project is set at eighty hours and starts at eleven gold an hour and up, depending on the quality of the work.

Contact Bolrim Corehammer of 18 Quarry Way in Hel’Nareez, East Cornerstone

Test Subjects Wanted

The Overpower House is accepting test subjects at the Hailsberg branch in West Cornerstone. Applicants should bring with them a bill of health or be prepared to undergo a constitution check upon arrival.

Pay starts at four gold pieces a day or higher depending on the testing.

Issue 70

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